I love chasing stories.

Stories drive me. I love hearing them, I love telling them, and I love capturing them. I studied film + television production in Chapman University, and picked up photography as a hobby. I fell in love with photography and now I do both and make a sweet living out of it.

I've worked in productions with Hollywood studios like CBS and the Discovery Channel, and I have over 10 years of independent filmmaking experience. I'm available for all photography and filmmaking work which includes, directing, cinematography, and editing. I also enjoy filming and shooting weddings as it improves my craft as a photographer and filmmaker.

Currently, I do freelance work through my production company, Rebel Shoes Productions, chasing stories for organizations and individuals seek positive change locally & globally.

I really do love my job because I get to hear stories, meet new people, create stories through film and photography. If you're interested in booking me for weddings, film shoots, workshops or consultations please contact me here.

In all, I love chasing stories.

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