Day 134: How To Divide Your Profits

Instead of worrying about percentages, focus on principles.
— Chris Hogan, EntreLeadership Podcast

All businesses are different. Therefore, you can't make fixed percentages fit with your income.

  • Have a budget.
  • Have an emergency fund.
  • Use retained earnings for taxes and opportunities.
  • Invest back into your business.

Day 108: Know How To Travel

I'm currently on a train across England to see my nieces, and my route has been so familiar. I'm very fortunate to know how I get through the hustle & bustle of London quite easy and across the country. Thinking about that has me thinking about traveling & business. Traveling more often means getting to know more places. In my line of business, that's very important especially when trying to meet new clients and where to film & photograph places.

Here's my take away: Knowing how to travel makes doing business easier.

Day 107: World View

I used to live in England for three years and travel throughout Europe during the early years of marriage. It was fun, exciting, and helped me broaden my perspective in life. I'm back in England for a few days to visit family, and it feels like home. Arriving at Heathrow made me think of all the relationships I have out here, both personal and professional. Then realize this: I could be doing international work one day.

Everyone grows up to be somebody. That's why it's important to never burn bridges. You'll never know who you'll be working with. 

My take away: Relationships = Opportunities.


Day 106: A Big Decision

So I’m sitting here in the cafe of this beautiful resort that we’re staying in the Masai Mara. There are huge glass windows that shape the perimeter of the cafe so you can have a panoramic view of the gorgeous valley and hills that surround the resort. As unreal as it is to be in Africa, I know I have a very important decision to make when I come back home. 

I’m pretty confident of my answer, but I feel it’s wise to think about it again and confirm in my heart that it’s the right thing to do. Big decisions require time and contemplation. 

Today is my last day in Africa and I’ll be heading to England for a few days to visit family and friends. I’m very fortunate to travel to these places and perhaps it was His will for me to get out of the city and travel the world to affirm my decision.

My take away: Sometimes you need a different location to gain a better perspective.


Day 105: Safari

Today we went on safari. Safari in Africa should probably be on everyone’s bucket list. The wild animals, the people, and majestic scenery is quite breathtaking. Tomorrow will be my last time in African until who knows when, so I want to take as much as I can in. Pretty soon, I’ll be going home to get back to my business and potentially make a very important decision that will affect the rest of my life. 

But for now, I’m just going to look around the beauty of Africa and just take everything in.

Day 104: The Seeker

I love stories. I love chasing them and listening to them. In the Masai Mara, there are incredible stories out here, especially about there culture. When the men are ready to be Masai warriors, one of their tasks is to kill a lion...a flippin' lion! I asked one of the Masai how he killed his lion, and he told me he snuck up to it and speared it in the lungs. That's an incredible story, and there's an endless library of them all around the world. 

Here's my take away as a creative entrepreneur: Relentlessly chase stories.