Day 1: Being Bold Again

 Photography by  Joanne Diongzon

Photography by Joanne Diongzon

Today is my 29th birthday. As the last year in my 20s, I'm going to do something daring. I'm going to start a business. For the next year, I'm going to blog every single day to detail my progress and be transparent in all my failures and all my successes. For one, writing a blog for the public to see will keep me accountable. My hope for this blog is to seek advice from readers, as well as give advice to those wanting to start their own business - to learn from my failures and learn from my successes. I don't know what's going to happen in the next 365 days, but I do know it's a calling and I dare not turn away from that calling. And who the time I turn 30, these blogs might even turn into a book.

Many people get discouraged at the thought of turning 30. I'm actually excited about it! I fully believe with all my heart that your 30s are your prime years. In your teens, you learn life lessons. In your 20s, you face those life lessons. But as you get closer to that next season, you've had enough experience to determine the direction for the rest of your life. So if you're in the same boat as me, don't be afraid. Remember the moments when you were young that made you believe you could do anything in the world. It's not foolish. It's being bold. This is it. This is the time for you to rise and make your mark in history. And today is my time to make that first step.

Today, my wife and I are going to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles to get inspiration. It's a good place for me to get inspired by art. I plan on taking my camera and my iPad, and let inspiration ignite in my heart. This is it - the first step to the prime years ahead. I'm ready to be bold again.