Day 10: Defining An Entrepreneur

 Photography by Sidney Diongzon

Photography by Sidney Diongzon

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
— Peter Drucker

Entrepreneurs are amazing people. They have the ability to take risks, innovate, and see new possibilities. They have the most amazing opportunity to change the world. But I absolutely despise when they say this: "It's nothing personal, it's just business." If you're like me, then you'll understand I never want to say that in my business. I believe business is personal because it's out of personal desires that start a business in the first place. This Entrepreneurship For Dummies book is actually pretty amazing. One of the first sentences in the book blew me away:

"Sure, entrepreneurs like to make money and start a business, but that's not the reason they are entrepreneurs. It's much more than that. For entrepreneurs, it's about having a passion for doing something you love; that's the entrepreneurial spirit." [Page 1]

Just like a mission statement defines the purpose of a business, it's crucial to know your mission as an entrepreneur. For me, it's definitely not about the money. It's not about popularity or even an ego boost. In fact, I may not have any of that, and I'm okay with that. But if I strip away all of that, I've come to realize that I want to be an entrepreneur so I can be a voice for the voiceless and change the world through video.

So what kind of entrepreneur are you going to be? Perhaps it's time to define that. I'm realizing that starting a business is a coming-of-age journey. I'm looking inwardly like never before and answering the age-old question: "What am I going to with my life?" Today, I finally defined that. And it's time to define yours.