Day 101: Shepherding

I love everyone on this team. I truly do. I'm not officially a leader in the team, but I know a number of the youth look up to me. I actually don't have a choice but to be a leader! After making burgers and distributing clothes for 1300 kids, we got a little break and went to the marketing to buy some souvenirs. The trick to bargaining in these places is to cut the price in half, then cut the price in half again. This is my third time in Kenya, so I have some experience in bargaining. The vendors were hounding the girls in my group, so I stepped in and protected them from being pulled away and from being ripped off. I had to protect them. I needed to protect them because I cared about all of them.

Here's my take away: Leadership requires caring. I don't believe people who boss others around with a loud voice is true leadership. True leadership requires a genuine heart to shepherd others, to lift others up before themselves. Leaders protect their people.