Day 20: #Business

 Photography by Sidney Diongzon

Photography by Sidney Diongzon

Be studious in your profession, and you will be learned. Be industrious and frugal, and you will be rich. Be sober and temperate, and you will be healthy. Be in general virtuous, and you will be happy. At least, you will, by such conduct, stand the best chance for such consequences.
— Benjamin Franklin

The 21st Century is an incredible time for dreamers. Never before has information been available to us so easily and abundantly, and we can thank the Internet for that. For me, I've been listening to business & leadership podcasts everyday to work. It's like having a business coach in my car, except you can't go into the carpool lane. I get fired up listening to them as starts my day off right. Here are the podcasts that I'm currently listening to:

LEADERSHIP: Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership

BUSINESS: Smart Passive Income

FINANCE: Dave Ramsey Show - Take Control Of Your Money

In addition to these podcasts, I've been looking up specific business hashtags and users on Twitter to see any content that's relevant to me. Some great business accounts to follow are:




The content they provide are geared towards start ups and small businesses, so all their information has really been helpful to me. In addition to users, here are some useful business hashtags to search:

#business #businesstips #b2bchat #startup #startups #smallbusiness #smallbiz #socialbusiness #lifehacks #leadership #productivity #smb

As you research each hashtag, make sure to sift throughout the content that will best suite your current stage in your business. I highly recommend using these hashtags whenever you post a tweet. Doing so sparks up conversation, networking, and even potential business.

I can go on and on, but the point is that a plethora of valuable information is available to you for FREE. We no longer have an excuse to sit around all day, waiting for a jumpstart in life. CHOOSE to jumpstart your life now. You've already got the tools. All you need is the drive to use them. #youjustgottold