Day 23: A Reminder

 Photography by Sidney Diongzon

Photography by Sidney Diongzon

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Starting a business without any business experience or going to business school can be overwhelming. But sometimes when you feel stuck trying to achieve your goals, the best thing you can do is remind yourself of why you chose to take that path in the first place. This week, I found my reminder.

Below is a video about the realities and sickness of human trafficking. If you don't know what that this, it's cruelest form of slavery that exists today. These are innocent women whose rights have been stripped away physically, emotionally, and mentally. This disgusting industry tries to hide itself in the shadows, but the power of film can reveals its ugly face. The power of film can bring awareness. The power film can spark fires in people's hearts to start a revolution. The power of film can end it. 

This is one of things I'm fighting for and is such a great reminder for me to stay on the path I've chosen. I want to use the power of film to cause a rift and make a difference. I want to turn heads. I want to make people think twice. I want to offend people. I want to encourage people. I want to make history.

We all have the ability to be history makers. If you ever feel stuck in your journey, just remind yourself what you're fighting for. You're here to make history.