Day 27: 3 Days To My Business Plan

 Photography by  Joanne Diongzon

Photography by Joanne Diongzon

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
— Milton Berle

In three days time, I'm going to finish the first draft of my business plan. I was meant to complete this by the end of April, but I let it slide making me behind schedule. There's no one to blame but myself, so now I'm taking ownership and pushing through to get back on track. Now that I've announced this publicly, I have no choice but to finish my business plan in three days! It reminds of my last days in college, where all my years of studying led to my last final so I can graduate and enter the real world. For the past 27 days, I've been studying and researching how to start a business. And in three days, I'm about to take my last final so I can enter the business world.

Let's review the top 10 lessons I've learned so far:

  1. Courage is being scared, but saddling up anyway. (Day 2)
  2. Checklists are essential to organize tasks. (Day 3Day 16)
  3. Prioritize & balance your time. (Day 6Day 11, Day 21)
  4. The Jack Sparrow Lesson: The heart of a student. (Day 8)
  5. If you want to lead, then read. (Day 9)
  6. Don't let Mondays tell you what to do. (Day 12)
  7. The Memento Strategy: Work backwards. (Day 13Day 16)
  8. Don't let business bully you. (Day 18Day 7)
  9. Surround yourself in a positive environment. (Day 19, Day 25)
  10. Study your market & potential clients. (Day 22, Day 24)

Through these blogs, I've learned a great deal about business and a lot more about life. In my opinion, people who say, "it's nothing's just business" are not very smart people. In truth, business is very personal because you invest so much of your life into it. For me, I personally feel I have grown and matured because of this opportunity. My take away from all of this: Find opportunities to learn and grow. If you can't find those opportunities, make them.