Day 29: 1 Day To My Business Plan

 Photography by Sidney Diongzon

Photography by Sidney Diongzon

Good, old-fashioned ways keep hearts sweet, heads sane, hands busy.
— Louisa May Alcott

As much as I love new trends and the latest gadgets, I'm an old fashioned kind of guy. I love computers, but I love pens and papers more. I journal every morning and feel great every time I write. I don't know about you, but there's something special about old traditions. There's an authenticity to it that makes you feel connected with generations before your own. As I'm drafting my business plan, I'm using a computer to type with a good old pen and paper to guide me all the way.

To me, writing gives you more freedom on a piece of paper than a word document will ever do on a single page. It allows you to break the rules of writing linear and be daring through scribbles, circles and lines. By doing so, you're able to throw in all your ideas and sort out what works and what doesn't

Here's my example:


Yes, I know the hand writing is atrocious and the doodles reveal a very A.D.D. side of me, but the point isn't to look pretty. The important thing is that it makes sense to me. It's like creating your own language that only you can understand. So I encourage you to try this old fashioned tradition. Let your mind explore the page and you might discover something incredible.