Day 30: The Business Plan - Draft #1

 Photography by Sidney Diongzon

Photography by Sidney Diongzon

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
— Benjamin Franklin

30 days ago, I started my business. 30 days later, I completed the first draft of my business plan. It might not be big deal to all those who are faster workers, but for me that's a great accomplishment.

My take away from writing my first business plan is to keep writing. Even if you feel like the last sentence your wrote didn't make sense, just keep writing because you can always go back to it and fix it later. The point is to move all your thoughts from your mind to the keyboard as quickly as possible while they're still fresh. My next step is to show my business to my mentors and see what their thoughts are. If you don't have a mentor, find one. They are truly diamonds in the rough. If you still can't find a mentor, find a family member or friend who is good with constructive criticisms. An ideal candidate would be someone who is blunt, insightful, and encouraging at the same time. Some good questions to ask are:

  1. What works? What doesn't work?
  2. What areas seem the most unclear?
  3. What could be improved to increase reading attention and excitement?

Don't get upset if they give you an answer you don't like. Use their answers to build your business, not break it down. If you're in the same boat as me, you should be excited and proud that you've actually written a business plan. Preparing for the future is more important than the goal itself. If you haven't written your business plan yet, I encourage you to do so now. Don't let dreams just float above you. You have to jump and reach for them. By not doing anything at all, you're essentially preparing for an unsuccessful future.