Day 41: You vs. The People

I’d rather live my life filled with ‘oh wells’ than ‘what ifs’.
— Pat Flynn

Doing something daring like starting a business can make people question your logic. Some might even go so far to bring you down or even mock you. But if you dare to make a choice you know is right in your heart, then those external voices don't matter.

I once traveled across the world to meet a girl. I hopped on a plane to London for the first time to meet this girl. I saw her in the terminal and ran up to her, held her, then kissed her. And now, we're happily married with an incredible life together. People thought I was crazy, but I didn't care. I had a confident feeling in my heart that she was the one, so I dared to take that chance just to find out. And with this business, I know in my heart it's the right path for my life. 

A good friend once told me to never base your choices on people. I'll never forget that advice and neither should you. Don't let others tell you how to live your life, otherwise you'll miss out on a great opportunity. Dare to live, and live to dare.