Day 45: The Busyness of Business

 Photography by Sidney Diongzon

Photography by Sidney Diongzon

When I see the best of myself in others, it makes a good first impression.
— Bauvard, The Prince Of Plungers

When you wake up on Saturday mornings, do you ever look back at your week? Most times, I'm relieved that it's the weekend, and other times I'm just too tired to get out of bed. This week was different. As I'm writing, I look back and realize how much I've learned from strangers' behaviors. Weird right? But there's something about first impressions when you meet someone new that determine the type of person they are. I met a really kind woman at Disneyland this week who was genuinely happy. I also met a guy at a smoothie shop who wasn't happy to be there at all. At lunch, I met a very pessimistic person who had an opinion about everything. The point is, you can learn at lot from strangers.

How does this apply to my business? I've been fine tuning my business plan as well as figure out my marketing strategy, but as I'm pursuing this business, I wonder how everyone else perceives me. I'm not saying people should live their lives to please others because that's a silly thought. Rather, when I meet new clients do I come across rude because I'm too busy running my business? Or am I balancing my work load so that I come across happy and relaxed to potential clients? First impressions are everything. How you come across says something about your business. You can either gain clients or lose them.

Find your work balance. Do not let the busyness of business define the first impression of you or your company.