Day 60: Sunday Prep

 Photography by Sidney Diongzon

Photography by Sidney Diongzon

All things are ready, if our mind be so.
— William Shakespeare, Henry V

The next two weeks are going to be the most intense. At work, I'm currently producing and directing a feature-length movie for our children's ministry. It's a pretty big production for our upcoming Vacation Bible School program with lots of hard work and long hours. At the same time for my business, I need to complete my marketing strategy and exercise it to begin booking clients. I work Sundays, so the work day for me actually begins today. That means lots of clever planning and prepping my mind and my heart to remain steady. To do that, I'll need to do three things this morning:

  1. A clean office. For me, a clean and tidy office helps put my mind at ease and less cluttered.
  2. Assess my calendar. I need to figure out what tasks that need to be accomplished and when they need to be accomplished, so I can delegate and cheat time.
  3. Breathe. I've found that deep breathing exercises helps my mind focus on the tasks ahead. It also promotes proper blood flow.

Throughout the week, I'll also need to make sure I eat healthy and exercise regularly. For me, it's game time.