Day 9: Leaders Are Readers

 Photography by Sidney Diongzon

Photography by Sidney Diongzon

Leaders are readers.
— Dave Ramsey

It’s been a rough first week. The initial excitement; the struggle with reality; the voice of doubt and finding the courage to rise above. If you’re going to start a business, you have to be absolutely serious about it. This is it. No turning back. I'm so grateful for this blog because it really is keeping me accountable. And now, it's time to start this business right. Time to learn to be a leader. And with that said, I’m reminded of a quote by Dave Ramsey: “leaders are readers."

I first heard about Dave Ramsey through Financial Peace University, a course where people learn practical (and common sense) steps to get out of debt, save, invest, and truly live in financial freedom. Everything he taught astounded me, especially the above quote. If I’m going to be a leader, I need to imitate what they do. I need to read.

I used to think reading was boring, but my wife’s love for books opened me up, and now I actually enjoy it. I’m not an avid reader like she is, but I came across an article about the benefits of reading that might encourage me (and hopefully you) to read more often. According to this article, there are 12 amazing benefits for those that read, especially #7:

  1. Reading prevents Alzheimer’s Disease.
  2. Readers are more likely to learn something new.
  3. Readers are more likely to vote, exercise, and be more cultural.
  4. Reading reduces stress and puts you in a better mood.
  5. Reading can be therapeutic.
  6. Reading enhances memory.
  7. Reading makes you seem sexier to women.
  8. Reading boosts analytical thinking.
  9. Reading expands your vocabulary.
  10. Opening a book makes you a better writer.
  11. Fiction books increase your ability to empathize with others.
  12. Readers are more likely to get ahead in their careers and in life.

My incredibly supportive wife bought me two books that will help guide me launch this business, and I’m excited to read them and share the lessons I'll learn. The first book I’ll be reading is an obvious choice - Entrepreneurship For Dummies by Kathleen Allen, Ph.D. And the second book is EntreLeadership by the one and only, Dave Ramsey.

I'm glad this first week was rough. Like a cold, it just ran its course and is now out of my system. But now, I say it’s time to start reading.