Day 91: Doctors of Gen Why

You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.
— Abraham Lincoln

I recently heard a story about some college students complaining why medical school is too hard with high expectations. I don't know about you, but that notion alone makes me angry. Medical school should be hard with high expectations because it's MEDICAL SCHOOL and you're going into a profession where you're dealing with HUMAN LIVES! That reminds me of a blog post that I write a while ago, The Entitlement Generation, and I'd like to revisit an issue that relates to entrepreneurship.

I'm noticing many people from Generation Y (people around my age and younger) feel they should be entitled for nearly everything in their lives, from having the latest iPhone to salaries and even job titles. Entitlement without hard work is the biggest pet peeve I have, and I feel it's becoming an epidemic in our society. It's low enough to feel entitled to things, money, and jobs. It's rock bottom pathetic to feel entitled for a college degree. Degrees should be earned and not entitled. 

Entrepreneurs, however, don't work that way. Entrepreneurs work hard and work smart to produce results. Entrepreneurs set goals. Entrepreneurs learn from failures and keep pushing through. Entrepreneurs take responsibility for their actions. Entrepreneurs develop character daily. Entrepreneurs lead.

Here's my take away: Entitlement weakens character.

Doctors are meant to be leaders, even heroes, and should have the same character as an entrepreneur. These college students don't have these qualities and should never become doctors. Generation Y has the potential for great things. We just need to set the example.