Day 92: The Anchor of Business

Have an anchor so that life doesn’t toss you around.
— Debby Ryan

It's been over a month since I've completed my business plan. To be honest, I had completely forgotten half the stuff I wrote so it was really nice to refresh myself of all the details. As I'm getting ready to write up my marketing strategy, it turns out I already wrote down a marketing strategy within my business plan! It's like building a bed from Ikea without reading a specific step in the instructions, but later finding out that two of the pages were stuck together.

Now I understand the importance of having a business plan. It's essentially the foundation of what your business does and what your business is. For me, it reminds me of what my business stands for, and that's passionate world change. It's the anchor of my business. So if you have a business plan, be sure to read it often. It'll remind you of why you're running that business in the first place. 

I've got my marketing plan down and I'm ready for the next step: making my business legally official.