Day 95: Traveling Abroad

Well, here we go. A new adventure awaits. It’s pretty amazing that I get an opportunity to film a documentary in Kenya. This is almost a preview of what it will be like when I run this business. Speaking of which, I thought I’d share some tips that I often use when I travel. It might help you entrepreneurs and creatives out there who are about to take off:

#1 - Pack light

I was able to bring a backpack, shoulder bag, and I mid-size luggage that weighed under 39lbs for this 16-day trip! And yes, that includes ALL my gear that I’ll be using to film. Roll up your clothes to save space and use your Tetris skills to fill up every inch.

#2 - Where comfortable clothing.

You’re traveling. You’re not doing a fashion show. Tennis shoes or running shoes are good to wear as you’ll be walking a lot. Even better, padded flip flops are easier to take off during the security check. Try not to wear a belt if you don’t have to. Otherwise, place all your accessories (watches, wallets, headphones, etc) in your carryon before you hit the security check.

#3 - Water & Food.

Bring an empty water bottle to the airport, then fill it up when you’ve the security check. Buy a sandwich so that you can eat a meal during your flight. Not all flights guarantee a complimentary meal. Bringing snacks is also a good idea.

#4 - Be Polite.

If you need to recline your seat, then be courteous and let the person behind know. Being polite makes for a pleasant flight (I should copyright that).

#5 - Relax or be productive.

Either way is fine. I don’t normally “rest” during flights because it’s noisy and there’s always a strange creature looking at me from the wing. Small laptops are great, but tablets are even better. For those of you who like to rest, go to sleep or at the very least read a book that you enjoy.

Those are the 5 rules I usually abide by when it comes to traveling. So keep it simple. Traveling is complicated enough.