The BEST Way to Protect Your Camera Screen!

As much I hate to admit it, once in a while I have some seriously “D’oh” moments. Unfortunately when you’re a videographer or photographer, those moments can end up costing you a pretty penny, especially if you don’t protect your gear.

Yeah, I’m speaking from experience.

Long story short, I took my camera to film my family on one of our adventures, and accidentally cracked the LCD screen of my camera! A nice Grand Canyon-like crack traversed all the way across the screen. After freaking out, I realized that knowing me, I had probably put a screen protector on it. I took a closer look…and I did. Phew! The secret here folks, is that it was a tempered-glass screen protector. 

What even is tempered glass? It just sounds like angry glass! Tempered glass is a thick multi-layered screen protector that protects any screen 99.9% of the time. If you don’t have one, this is the part of the blog where you go get one. You know what, I’ll make it easy. You can order my preferred screen protector for several popular Sony cameras below:

Sony a7III / a7RIII -

Sony a6500 -

Sony a6400 / a6300 / a6000 -

I hope this helps anyone else who may have had one of those “D’oh” moments. And don’t forget to keep your gear protected as best as you can. One small investment can save you a lot if and when the worst happens.