Below is a list of all my gear and the reasons why I chose them to be in my filmmaking/photography arsenal. My hope is to provide you with enough information to help you decide what gear to get for your own storytelling adventures. I've provided Amazon links to each gear for your convenience. They are affiliate links, meaning I get a commission from Amazon if you make a purchase, but at NO cost to you! It just helps support what I do to provide value to you and my audience. If you'd like me to review some other gear, message on my Instagram or Twitter @SidneyDiongzon!



sony a6500

Quite possibly the best 4K camera in its price range. I chose this as my main camera because of its capabilities and size. Sure it has limitations, but because of the size and fast autofocus, I can focus on the story and not worry about my settings. With the right lenses, it's an excellent film/photography camera.



Sigma 30mm 1.4 DN DC

This is my absolute favorite primes lens for the Sony a6500. It's not quite as sharp as the Sigma Art series, but still pretty sharp. In photography, the AF hunts a bit in low light, but it's not terrible. Overall, this lens produces a beautiful documentary/lifestyle look, which I adore.

SONY 10-18mm f4 OSS

Excellent wide angle lens for the price. Not too much distortion in the corners, and the OSS provides excellent stabilzation on a gimbal, Glidecam, or just handheld. I find that it produces a "commercial" look, which is great for commercial, travel, and documentary work.

Sony 18-105mm f4 oss

If you're going to get one lens for the Sony a6500, then it's this zoom lens, which covers a huge focal range for nearly any situation! Like the Sony 10-18mm, it produces a clean "commercial" look, which can be used for commercial, travel, and documentary work.


Zoom H1

Excellent audio quality and extremely portable. I've used this for voice overs and recording clean audio from a soundboard. It's a great combo with the Rode SmarLav+ (with the SC3 TRRS-TRS Adapter). Perfect for interviews.


Great mic for run-and-gun shoots. Excellent for vlogging too. What I love about this mic is the sound quality. At the right distance from the subject (12 inches) it sounds similar to the Rode NTG-2.


Excellent lav mic for the price! What I love about this lav is that you can either record to your smartphone or an audio recorder like the Zoom H1 (with the SC3 TRRS-TRS Adapter).


You'll need this adapter to connect the Rode SmarLav+ to an audio recorder like the Zoom H1 or into the camera itself.