Basic S-Log LUT Pack

Basic S-Log LUT Pack



The Basic S-Log LUT Pack includes 2 easy-to-use LUTs that convert your S-Log footage to rec709.

There are two types of LUTs: Technical & Creative

Technical LUTs convert your LOG and HDR footage into the rec709 color space.

Creative LUTs adjust your footage to emulate a specific look after your footage is in the rec709 color space. If your footage was already shot in the rec709 color space, you don’t need to apply a technical LUT.

The Basic S-Log LUT Pack is a technical LUT designed to convert your Sony S-Log footage into the rec709 colorspace. Depending on how your footage was shot, these LUT may differ from the intended look. So feel free to play around with the LUT intensity, and make additional adjustments to help you get the look you want.


  1. Are these LUTS compatible for Mac and PC?

    Of course!

  2. Are these LUTs compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Da Vinci Resolve?

    Yes. As long as your NLE accepts .cube files, then these LUTs are compatible.

  3. Will these LUTs crash my NLE or computer?

    No. However, NLE programs can sometimes crash due to graphics card issues, and if that’s the case, simply relaunch your app. You may need to adjust your graphics settings in your specific NLE.

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