Joe + Dina // Wedding in La Jolla

This is Joe & Dina, an incredibly sweet couple who love books, family, and of course each other. I had the privilege to shoot their engagement photos, but wasn't able to shoot their wedding. Instead, my team came in to capture their special day on my behalf. When I received the photos and video footage, I was blown away. Not only did my team do an incredible job, but I really got see glimpses of sincere moments between Joe, Dina and their families celebrating that day. My favorite moment was the First Look! It was lovely to see their reception decor as they had their favorite book characters on the different tables. You'll see in the photos & video (coming soon) the genuine joy both sides of their families had celebrating their special day.

Special thanks to Jason Berry, Will Kil and Ernest Armendariz for being an amazing team to work with!