My Family // An Intimate Maternity Shoot

This is my family. These photos are dedicated to my wife, Joanne and my soon-to-be son, Isaac. I know it's silly that I shot my own maternity photos, but I selfishly wanted to be the only photographer to capture this special moment in my family's life. We shot these in our home because we wanted something personal and intimate. I mainly used natural lighting with an LED light the as a kicker. I shot these with the Canon "Nifty-Fifty" because that particular lens gives a very soft and classic look. The camera I used was the Canon 6D because I wanted to the wireless feature that connects to the iPhone app to trigger the camera so that I could be in the photos. It was a challenging shoot (going back and forth to set up the camera and checking composition and focus), but capturing this intimate moment meant the world to me as a photographer, and of course, soon-to-be father. Here's to my wife, my son, and the next season as a family.