Rudy + Samantha // Engagement at the Aquarium

This is Rudy & Samantha. They're the sweetest and they're the kind of people you just want to hang around with all the time. We planned their engagement shoot a month in advanced, expecting the California sun to give us that golden lighting. Unfortunately, rain showed up unexpectedly. Instead of postponing, we decided to go with the rain and went to the Aquarium of the Pacific at Long Beach, California. I've never shot their before, unsure of how the photos would turn out, but the results were pretty sweet. The underwater background created a beautiful silhouette of them, which really highlighted their affection for each other via body language. We ventured throughout the aquarium and had a bunch of fun! The sun came up in the end and we capped the day taking our final photos near the lighthouse. Despite the initial rain, we had a really fun time. If there's one thing I learned from this shoot is that it's important to adapt to all situations. It's not only important as a photographer, but allows you to have fun in any situation. Enjoy!